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Guaranteed the cleanest, safest indoor environment for  your family and pets best & professional duct and furnace cleaning performed by our expert technicians. We service all of GTA and the surrounding area. We also offer other wide range of cleaning services which includes Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Pet odor and Stain Removal, Grout cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Van/Car Cleaning, Hardwood Polishing, Complete Office Cleaning, Floor Tile Cleaning etc.

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Duct Cleaning

Full service expert Duct cleaning will be performed by friendly & well trained technicians using  3 to 4 tons heavy trucks equipped with commercial vacuum and commercial compressor. We hook up our vacuum to the main line to draw more than 25,000 cu.ft air per minute throughout entire air distribution system, then blow compressed air, which is 250 pounds (per square inch) through each duct to get 100% cleaning results. Our exclusive truck mounted power cleaning system is the most powerful available to remove debris, dust , harmful deposits and more!We service all makes and models from residential to high-end commercial clients.

Furnace Cleaning

Does it take a long time to heat your house Or cool it down? Is your furnace making noise? Then its likely time to get the furanced checked and cleaned. We perform furnace cleaning that can help to bring down noise, increase burner efficiency, prevent blow back into the duct system, and maximize the air circulation in your home. Not only that, but by maintaining your furnace on a regular basis, you will reduce your monthly utility bill and increase the lifetime of your equipment.

A/C Coil Cleaning

Our Coil Cleaning service help you to reduce energy costs and increses life of equipement. Our coil cleaning process uses modern equipment and chemicals together with highly trained is speaclized A/C cleaning. The process helps The removal of pollutants from A/C units, Maximizing efficiency in the units, Improvement in indoor air quality and provides obvious Health benefits for allergy and asthma

Carpet Cleaning

An average carpet will last 8 – 10 years if the properly cleaned and maintained. Our special carpet cleaning process includes use of a thorough industrial strength vacuum of the carpet from both sides prior to cleaning to remove trapped dust and debris, treatment of concern areas with our range of specialized spot and stain removers as well as the same high power hot water extraction (steam cleaning) that we use on the carpets and furniture in your home. There is protection for your investment.

Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture is now not looking so good as when it was bought. Give a new life to your furinture by our Upholstery Cleaning Service. We performed – Pre-Cleaning Fabric Test, Dry Vacuum Process. We pay special Attention To All Spots & Stains followed by Final hand Grooming for fresh looking & beautiful upholstered furniture.

Hardwood Polishing

Over time your hardwood floors will start looking dull and faded because of wax that has formed a shell like layer on the surface. Our tools and solutions will help in removal of the white stored wax from your floors and provide you with better renewed floors.The whole process of cleaning hardwood floors involves a experts knowledge and the way to clean your floors without creating roughness on the surface and losing its shine. Our experts clean and finish so well that your hardwood floor looks like a new one.

Full Office Cleaning

A clean, pleasant and healthy environment is an important consideration for office workers when determining their job satisfaction. Your staff deserves the best conditions that can be provided, and Best 1 Compelete Office Cleaning offers office cleaning services dedicated to satisfying your needs. For custom packages please call us and we will be happy to assit you

Truck/Van Cleaning

We offer truck/van cleaning services which includes Interior: vacuum, instruments deep-cleaned and waxed, windows cleaned

Other Cleaning Services

We also provide other wide range of cleaning services, please call us at 416-277-4616. We will be happy to assist.

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